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Onlinism provides Digital Marketing courses training in Bangalore with real-time projects. Onlinism trains you with the latest updated Advanced digital Marketing syllabus and course modules. Join us to be a part of successful growth and personal career advancement.

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore
Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore


Onlinism is the Best Digital Marketing Courses Training Institute with experts who have optimized and worked with Top Brands and Google itself. We train with the Real-Time website and make sure you learn it by doing it. 100% Practicals on Live Projects and individual care for every Student at Onlinism. Many of our students have been placed at digital marketing jobs in Bangalore and all other Top Metro cities in India & abroad also.

digital marketing course

for Entrepreneurs, MBA, B.E/B.Tech & Any Degree Job Seekers
( Get Your IT Job with Google & Facebook Certification)

What is digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is expanding your Company or Website presence everywhere on the online or Internet in order to drive more sales and Brand Engagement. Digital Marketing help companies to reach their Customers and clients with the power to target the right Audience and measure where more budget spent to acquire valuable customer.

Onlinism makes you Expert at Digital marketing which is embodied by various channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), Blogging, Video Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing. This makes Onlinism the Best Digital Institute in Bangalore, among very few real-time Digital Marketing Training institutes in Startups capital of India Bangalore.

Who is digital Marketer?

Digital Marketer is a person who analyses and chose the right platform to reach their customers and drive more customer engagement to their company or product or Services. Digital Marketing is highly respectable IT profile, where many companies highly depend on digital Marketers to take their business to next level. Mostly Digital Marketers are Consultants, freelancers, Employed in MNCs, Start Up founders, Bloggers, Passive income generators, Affiliates, etc. The height position which has recently emerged is Digital Director. Digital Marketing is unavoidable by any company or corporate. Because of their powerful position in driving sales and generating more business, Companies give them the height designation in the Company as Digital Director. This is only the beginning, soon you would hear lot of changes will happen in Corporate where Digital Marketer will be respected more than CEO of the Company.

Latest Modules to Become Best Digital Marketer

( Learn What Experts think YOU Shouldn’t Know & What Experts Don’t want to share Secret with YOU )

digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Overview
Start as Beginner to become Expert with Updated Complete Digital Marketing Course @ Onlinism

Google adwords courseGoogle Adwords
Get ahead of competitor website every possible way using Adwords. Lead Generation, Conversions, etc

social media courseSocial Media Marketing 
Brand Engagement is playing a major role in social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

search engine optimization trainingSearch Engine Optimisation
To get No. 1 Position on Google. To get more traffic and conversion to your website. Onpage and Offpage Strategy

email marketing courseEmail Marketing 
Learn how to shoot thousands of emails, reach the inbox, generate leads and sales with email marketing.

PPC ads trainingPay Per Click
(PPC) Advertising

Get your website on top position with Google Adwords. You will be charged only your website is clicked.

professional content writing trainingContent Marketing
Content is not only text; Images & Video are also. Learn to create attractive Content which lasts for Decades

google analytics trainingGoogle Analytics
It is an interface between Visitors and Website. To analyze the traffic, users, location, bounce rate, etc.

Ecommerce online marketing courseEcommerce Marketing
How to sell products on an eCommerce website. Sell your hobbies and innovation through your site.

Online lead generation trainingLead Generation
Learn how to shoot thousands of emails, reach the inbox, generate leads and sales with email marketing.

Online reputation management coursesOnline Reputation Management
Save your brand name online. Even big brands have negative review. Get Rid of Negative reviews & recover.

learn youtube marketing courseYoutube Earning
Create videos of 2 minutes and earn money for every view. Teach, Review, game, recipes, etc.

mobile marketing classMobile Marketing
Searches happening over mobile phones are increasing everyday. Optimizing website for mobile users.

google webmasters courseGoogle Webmasters
(Search Console)

Webmaster is a relationship between Google and your website. It shows data how google looks at your website.

affiliate marketing courseAffiliate Marketing 

Earn a commission by promoting other website products. Earn commission when sold.

google adsense trainingGoogle Adsense
Earning money from Google is Adsense. More the number of visitors on the website more the money.

conversion rate optimizationConversion Rate

Get More Conversion from the traffic. Learn how to convert them into customer and generate lead

freelancing coursesHow to Get
Freelancing Projects

If you don’t want to do full-time job and want to earn your own project; Become your own BOSS.

keyword research toolsKeyword Research
Find the top most searched keywords on the search engine. Keyword Research is the first process in SEO.

blog writing course onlineBlog Writing 
Create interesting heading, Content, how to choose the topic and keyword & to become an expert blogger.

Career Scope of Digital Marketing

Now the future holds only to those learn digital Marketing, digital marketers career is so bright. Many companies ruthlessly started replacing Offline Marketing team to online Marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing : For Job Seeker: Job opportunities are very wide and number of vacancies grow day by day. There is a great demand in digital marketing trained and skilled students. More than 1.5 Lakh job openings are available in MNCs all over India. The salary range of the Digital Executive will grow as once experience grows in the industry. For the fresher the Digital Marketing salary range starts from Rs.3 Lakh – 4.5 Lakh per annum.

Scope of Digital Marketing : For Entrepreneurs: All your worries will be solved only with sales. As the famous quote says “Sales cures All”. To get rich soon; to create a brand and sell your franchise all over globe just like Mc Donald, KFC, PUMA, ARROW, digital marketing will take you reach your dream and achieve your brand equity. Your business might be a product or service; it could be B2B or B2C, think of this all your customers are online now. Plan your strategy and target your Customer and give them the awareness about your business and create your Brand with good service.

Scope of Digital Marketing : For Startup: Digital Marketing for startup is unavoidable. Many business conference meetups and networking sites will help you to get good Techies and wealthy investors. But to setup everything you need a plan of execution. Prioritize Digital Marketing as the first step in the plan of execution, you could start finding all your support through Social Media, blogs, forums, etc. If not there are lot of challenges would occur through the process.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India


Internet Users in India (2016*)

  • Share of India Population: 34.8 % (penetration)
  • Total Population: 1,326,801,576
  • Share of World Internet Users: 13.5 %
  • Internet Users in the World: 3,424,971,237

India is the youngest country in the world. Thanks to the invention of smartphone which let us to become No. 1 internet users in the world very soon. Currently 42 Crore people are using internet among 132 Crore population. Now 30% of Indians are using internet, irrespective of their literacy.

Now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated Digital India program to encourage internet usage in India. So learn digital Marketing course to use this opportunity and expand business in India.

Digital India in 2020:

In 700 Million people will be using internet in India by 2020. India’s internet economy will expand to $200 Billion by 2020. Now Indian online market is worth of Rs. 3.6 Trillion will reach Rs. 10 Trillion in 2020

Current Job Market

77% Percent of Companies have decided to increase their budget on digital marketing.

Currently the Indian digital economy already hired 4 Lakh to 5 Lakh employees. It is expected to create 15 Lakh to 20 Lakh jobs by 2020 to serve 700 million internet users in India.

For Freshers: Without any second thought, blindly join digital marketing course, you will realize how rewarding it is. There are lot of companies where recruiters are constantly looking for trained Digital Marketing experts to carry on their digital and social campaign. Join now…. Or else don’t regret later.

Salary of Digital Marketers

The beginner average salary ranges from Rs 2,51,829 per year to Rs. 4,89,428 per year. Then due to heavy demand for experienced candidates, one could expect 30% of increment year-on-year.

Average Digital Marketing Manager Salary starts from Rs. 4,89,428 to Rs. 8,64,929 per year.

Top Executive & Digital Directors world receive Rs. 32,00,000 to Rs. 48,00,000 per year.

Industries / Sectors Recruit Digital Marketer

Who can do Digital Marketing Course :

Start-Ups or Entrepreneurs

Offline Marketing Managers/ Asst. Manager / Supervisors

MBA / MCA / Marketing Students

Digital Marketing Analyst

SEO / PPC / Analyst who wants to upgrade their career profile

Content Strategist / Bloggers

Anyone who wants to learn and incorporate the reality of marketing on a Digital Media platform

B.Engineering students

Corporate companies willing to implement digital marketing

Why do Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore?

Bangalore is the silicon city of India. Not to forget Bangalore is listed within Top 10 best cities for Startups in world. Every day a technology or online based startups blossom here. Koramangala in Bangalore itself occupies 1ooo startups in its chest. May Billion dollar Online Ecommerce Companies has Bangalore as its birth place. Even all the major top 5 Ecommerce players like Amazon, world’s largest online shopping site, Japan’s, etc. made their headquarters at Bangalore . Apart from Ecommerce many cab companies, online grocery stores, Real-estate listing sites have very big hold on Bangalore.

All these technology and online B2C companies desperately in need of Digital Marketing in Bangalore. Potentially Bangalore has got more Digital Marketing Jobs followed by Gurgaon and Mumbai. Bangalore recruits more number of Digital Marketing Experts even for its Outsourced Projects. These various factors created huge demand for Digital Marketing Skilled candidates demand in Bangalore. If you pursue Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore, you get more job opportunities rather than doing it in other cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Many Digital Marketers from other cities and other countries fly to Bangalore to get better Digital marketing Career. Additional to Digital Marketing jobs opportunities in Bangalore, its Startup culture, weather and community makes it more cool and more preferred place to do Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore than other cities in India.

Practical on Projects:

OnLinism provides completely 100% practical Digital Marketing course training on real time Digital Marketing projects. Digital Marketing is not like Java or Dotnet. Because Java and DotNet got huge lines of coding, but in digital marketing there is no coding to mug-up or by-heart, All you need to do is follow the procedure and practice techniques every day. Onlinism helps you to work on our projects after the Complete digital marketing course completion. You could even work on your own website to optimize and improve its Traffic and Branding.

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