Scary Scope of Digital Marketing in India

You are here to clarify your query before starting your Digital Marketing Course. Is it Right Thing for ME? Can I choose Digital Marketing as my Career? Or you are someone who wants to know where digital marketing is heading. Before starting the scope of Digital Marketing in India. Let me ask you two questions

1.    What is the first thing you did as soon as you wake up today morning?

Some people say Brush my teeth. One girl even answered Open Eyes (LoL).

No its not. Shall I tell you the truth? As soon as we wake up, we search for our Smartphone. Turn ON the Data Button. Ting… Ting… Ting… You should get whatsapp notification. Only then, you are happy.

2.    If you have kids at home, they come to you for only one Reason. What is that?

Mobile Phones and your finger to unlock it.

Our day starts with Internet and ends with the internet. Forget about our generation. Your Kids and their age they can’t live without the internet. Its even scary to think about our life without the internet.

Please join me to justify our life without internet is scary and impossible in the following topics.

Flashback: Beginning of the Digital Era

Now we can’t even imagine a life without the internet. I have witnessed many don’t even know what to do with mobile phones without internet. Let’s see how it all started.

The invention of the World Wide Web (WWW)

Tim Berners-Lee is the father of World Wide Web. 6 August 1991; the first Website came into existence into the public use. The following link is how the first webpage looks like,

Pic: the first web page look like

India tasted its first internet on 14th August 1995 from Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited(VSNL). Soon with the development in the telecom industry, the internet spread all across India.

Slowly Emails business accelerated. Drastic changes in technology led India to upgrade from 2G to 3G and now 4G network. Soon we are expecting 5G to Enter the Market very soon.

Kali Yuga Ends in 2025

According to Hindu Mythology, there are four yugas in the Earth’s Life Cycle. They are Satya Yuga(Gold), Treda Yuga(Silver), Dvapara Yuga(Bronze) and Kali Yuga(Iron). This word “kali” is associated with Demon Kali, not Goddess Kali. This kaliyuga is a period of hatred, selfishness, Domination, Slavery, dictatorship, and many difficulties to humans. In Mahabaratha at the end after the death of Lord Krishna Kali Yuga started. Even Mayans calendar says Evil will end in 2025.

With the invention of the Internet, this is now a golden period. Now people those who ruled us cant rule us anymore. This age the information age. Truth spread across the world, with the help of the Internet and technology. Youtube and Social Media spread truth instantly. Soon humanity is going to attain prosperity through the internet. Humans life span will increase, thanks to technology.

India’s Population is its Strength

Which is the 2nd highest populated country? Yes, you are right India with 132 Crore. Then first the is? China, with 180 Crore population. I want to ask you a question.

Which is the 3rd largest populated country?

Its USA with only 32 Crore population. The difference between 2nd and 3rd largest populated country is 100 Crore (1 Billion).

This vast difference in population makes India a great destination for Global brands to sell their products.

Country Population
Australia3.5 Crores
Canada 3.5 Crores
France 3.5 Crores

As on 31st December 2018, India’s population is 132 Crore (1.3 Billion). Digitalization of our community 123  crore people registered with digital identity Aadhar card. 121 crore

  • Population – 132 Crore
  • Aadhar Card – 123 Crore
  • Mobile Phones – 121 Crore
  • Internet Users – 60 Crore

By 2021 Internet users in India -100 Crore

500 Million population is under 35 age. Scope of digital marketing in India is vibrant. is very India is the youngest country in the world with the working population. This is a great advantage for our Economy.

Companies investing in Digital Marketing

In Time machine if you can go back to 5 years past, what are the TV ads you have seen?  Pepsi, Coco-cola, Britannia Biscuits, Shampoo ads, Maggi Ads, Different version of Paste Ads like Colgate and Pepsodent asking us Do you have Salt in your toothpaste?(LOL)

Now if you want IPL and any other TV ads, what are all the ads do you find? Amazon, PayTM, MakeMyTrip with Alia Bhatt,,, OLA,, Matrimonial Sites, and the list continues to go on with this Dotcom Ads. Companies are changing their business models into the Digital Ecosystem.

For Example, Carl Zeiss is an international Lens manufacturing company started in 1846. In India, its located in Bangalore. It is almost 175 years old company. Initially, they planned to outsource digital activities to the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Like me, many agencies and freelancers have given their proposals. Finally, no one got the project. Because the company thought Digital Marketing is the Future, and they want to do it by hiring full-time in-house Digital Marketing Employees. The company’s marketing team received orders from the headquarters saying their company is completely transforming to the Digital Ecosystem. They offered four full-time Digital Marketing Job offers and hired in-house Digital Marketers.

Companies double their Digital Marketing Budget in the coming years. 200 Billion Dollars companies budgeted to spend on Digital Ads by 2020. This proves a bright scope of digital marketing in India

Digital marketing Job openings in India

Digital Marketing Jobs are increasing exponentially. No wonder that students those choose Digital Marketing as a Career option has a bright future.

As we have seen earlier, every company needs digital Marketer. The fun part of Digital Marketing Interview process is, the one those who are recruiting you, he doesn’t know what digital marketing is. Not all. Very few companies have clarity in what they wanted from the employees.

  • In 2016 – 9238 Jobs
  • In 2017 – 11893 Jobs
  • In 2018 – 15787 Jobs
  • In 2019 – 19477 Jobs

When you compare the growth of digital marketing jobs in India, it’s exploding y-oy. Scope of Digital Marketing in India is very vibrant for every company.

Digital Marketing jobs are in huge demand among startups and even well-established companies.

Among digital marketing category SEO, Social Media, Adwords, Email Marketing has very high demand.

MNC Companies like Accenture, Cognizant, TCS prefer SEM Adwords Executives. Startups prefer to hire SEO and Social Media Executives due to their budget constraint.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Dubai

Digital Marketing has very high demand in UAE.

I advise every one of my students to go to Dubai. Considering Digital Marketing salary in Dubai, a fresher gets a minimum of Rs. 1 Lakh (AED 4000) first-month salary.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Canada

Startups are growing in Canada year by year. Mostly technology opening is higher in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, Quebec (French is Compulsory in Quebec). Canada is the top best country in the world. Canadian government welcomes immigrants. Canada has a vast land area. Canada is the 2nd largest country by size. But the population of Canada is only four crores. They need more workforce. Canada’s PR and immigration process are also straightforward. Canada is a country built by immigrants. Only cons with Canada is in harsh winter it goes to minus -20 degree Celsius.

Top Job Search portals in Canada,-ON

Government initiative via Digital India

Government of India has taken several initiatives to promote digital ecosystem among citizens. Few popular activities are

  • Demonetization
  • Jio
  • GST
  • Aadhar Card

Previously, if you want to pay the tax you can directly go to the bank and spend money. But now, If you’re going to pay tax, you have to do only NetBanking. The Government only has become digital.

Now can you understand the significance of Digital Marketing? Without digital Marketing, you can’t even survive in the future. It is like do or dies scenario. Scope of Digital Marketing in India is unbeatable.

Indian e-commerce market to touch $84 billion

Consumer behavior is changing into digital. In the USA and UK 99% of shopping happens online. Many of my friends from foreign countries say they don’t buy products from shops. Everyone does Online Shopping.

In India Right now, 56% of people started using online transactions. Soon it is going to reach 100 crore people will do online shopping in the future. Ecommerce market is growing in India because of its flexibility, Ease of access, and Cash on Delivery option.  Zomato and Swiggy are also tapping the food delivery market. No wonder India will become the No.1 country in Economy, all its transaction will be on Ecommerce Platforms.

Mobile Wallets in India

Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM Money, Ola Money, Amazon Pay are the top Mobile Wallet companies in India. Mobile wallet and its associated QR Code allow you to make Cashless payments everywhere. Even shopkeepers prefer wallet payments. After demonetization PayTM Wallet has occupied the entire country with its timely decision.

Payment integration companies in India like CCAvenue, PayU Money, InstaMojo helps and supports micro sites to do Ecommerce transactions.

WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Shopify, Prestashop are few open sources CMS platforms used widely to create Ecommerce websites.

Features of Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing helps you to reach to your target audience easily. Now the marketing concepts are changed. We can call it Marketing 2.0 like Rajinikanth’s Robo 2.0

Main Modules of Digital Marketing are

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Getting your website No.1 position in Google SERP page for the targeted Keyword.

Google Analytics: Track the users and their behavior with your website. No. of visitors, Age, Gender, Location, and even we can track devices also. We can track upto 1 Crore people per month for free of cost.

Google ADS (SEM): PPC – Pay Per Click is unavoidable lead generation machine for many companies. Display network, Video ads on youtube all play a primary role to promote your business to your targeted customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Humans are Social Animals. We have come to a stage where we go to restaurants not to eat, only to take pics and upload in Social Media. Your social media profile even plays a significant role in Job interviews and Immigration to other countries also. Major platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Email Marketing: Many say Email Marketing is dead. No one opens Email. But believe me, Email Marketing is the Super Star of Digital Marketing. Email Automation helps you to save time and accomplish your target quickly.

YouTube: Video is the most loved content platform. Youtube will help you from personal branding to customer acquisition.

Limitations of Digital Marketing in India

  • Accessibility to internet connectivity.
  • Data Privacy and Piracy.
  • Internet Speed Issues.
  • B2C platform not suitable for B2B.
  • Anti-Brand Activities (Doppelganger)
  • Ease of Operation creates more competition.

Singularity: Mobile Wallet Payments and Blockchain technology

Recently Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad Salman, invested 45 Billion in Softbank lead by Masayoshi Son. Masayoshi Son met Saudi Prince only for 45 minutes and got 45 Billion investments. That’s a 45Billion investment in 45 minutes. “One billion dollars per minute.” Softbank is planning to create history by raising 100 Billion investments. Softbank is a technology investment company. They will invest these funds to Build Singularity.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain technology
  • Data Science
  • Virtual Reality

These future technologies play a vital role in our day to day life in the future.

“I predict that, because of artificial intelligence and its ability to automate certain tasks that in the past were impossible to automate, not only will we have a much wealthier civilization, but the quality of work will go up very significantly and a higher fraction of people will have callings and careers relative to today,”

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon.


Now you would have got the scope of digital marketing for the future. Yes, it is terrifying. Never underestimate the limitations and the power of digital marketing in the current digital world. It is already happening now. Adopt and learn new things every day. This millennium most millionaires and billionaires are born than ever. If you do hard work, you can join the 1% of the wealthy community in the world. Bill Gates becomes a billionaire at the age of 30. Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at 21. Learn the art of Digital Marketing. You can be the next big thing in the online world. All the very best for your Endeavors.