OnLinism provides best practical SEO training in Bangalore. All our trainers have helped more than 160 websites to rank in top position and bring huge traffic to the website. In SEO there is no coding, no theory, only Practicals. Most of the seo institutes in Bangalore teach you with PPTs. But, You can not learn SEO with PPTs. You just can’t.  You need your own website to Learn Practical SEO.

SEO training in Bangalore


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Rank your website or web-page top position in Search Engine Result Page is called Search Engine Optimization. Every one of us use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.. for all our needs, doubts, buying a product, offers, query and almost everything. When people type a search in Google, they mostly click only top 3 listed sited. The websites which ranked at top position in Google only will get more traffic and sales to their website.

There are millions of websites are created everyday. Its really difficult for any website to beat all other million of website and reach top position in Google. This process of Optimizing your website to get top position in Search Engine or Google is called Search Engine Optimization.

Why companies are looking for SEO experts?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is Really Gold in the Digital World. Getting number one position in search engine like google, bing is called search engine optimization. The famous business quote says “SALES CURES ALL”. Yes, happy companies are the companies with more money. In order to generate more money to the organization we need sales, customers and people who is in need of the product and ready to pay for it. Preciously in direct marketing companies used to do cold calling and generate leads to get sales. Now in digital Era, process is different. How many times you would have felt irritated due to unwanted promotional calls.

In SEO world, real people search in Google or search engines what they want or what they looking for. For example if you take real estate industry, which is completely shifted towards Inbound sales or Online Marketing. Everyone on the internet doesn’t buy properties, but if someone who wants to buy a property will come to search engine or Google to find more options on properties like price comparison of builders, area value, neighborhood, schools, hospitals, etc… Having your presence on first page of search engines will only boost company profit. So, companies started looking for candidates who have completed SEO course training to recruit to their digital marketing team.

To get more sales and lot of targeted traffic to our website, companies should implement SEO to their website. If properly optimized Search engines will be viral traffic driver.

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